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Set up your Instagram Chatbot at ease!

Being one of the most popular social channels with 4th-most users of any mobile App, with users slightly less than Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram has both higher penetration rate and more interaction from Facebook.

(Newberry, 2021)

It is not difficult to notice that more brands are setting up their social profiles on instagram. Instagram also encourages business on Instagram, by opening Messenger API for Instagram to allow optimization in businesses’ customer service and marketing. By allowing Instagram auto-reply into creating an interaction between brands and followers, this facilitates follower-get-followers.

How can an Instagram account be able to use the Chatbot functions?

Currently all Instagram Business Account can integrate with messenger API with the help of a technology vendor. iSlash provides the following functions in Instagram Chatbot:

  • Inbox auto-reply

  • Inbox anto trigger Chatbot automations

  • Saved FAQ

  • Payment link in Chats

1. Inbox Auto-reply

For auto-reply, you can set that the auto-reply only effective within, or beyond specific time slots only. Don’t let your customer down when you are away! Tweet them your latest promotion automatically.

2. Chatbot automation

With messenger API, Instagram business can set up chatbot with codes or a no-code chatbot setup with iSlah. We have pre-coded a user-friendly Chatbot system that everyone can kick start by simply drag and drop. The same Chatbot can be applied to any social channels.

3. Different customers may just ask the same questions over and over again. When customers are asking from different channels such as WhatsApp, messengers or Signal, which are handled with different customer service representatives, you need to keep those answers aligned to avoid disputes. Our saved FAQ function allows users to easily pre-type the standard answers with customized customer names with simply one click. Business can group their standard FAQs according to their nature to let users find it right away. Good to know: iSlash provide free and unlimited one click FAQ function, you can store as many FAQ as you wish.

4. Still sending website product links to your customers? Send a payment link instead! While very often customer service representatives would recommend specific products with the website link, it is difficult to keep track on whether or not the customers have already fulfilled the payment. Our payment link service enables users to instantly share a payment link via chats while also offering a one time discount or other offer in this specific purchase. We also support displaying a confirmation link for customers to input and confirm their delivery details.

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